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In 1999 in the neighbourhood of Intxaurrondo, due to a lack of school places  in the public school system , a group of preschoolers were left without an offer of a place in school.

During the academic year 1999-2000 The Department of Education provided a classroom in Aitor Ikastola for the preschoolers, while also putting plans in place for the construction of a new Preschool and Primary school in South Intxaurrondo.

Another classroom was made available in Aitor Ikastola for the following academic year now providing space for both the two and the three year olds.

2001-2002 saw the permanent move to the new building, then called CEP Intxaurrondo Hegoa IP, on Baratzategi Street. But it soon became clear that the school building could not meet the demands  of an expanding neighbourhood as registration  numbers grew and each class  had to be divided into two groups.

So construction work to extend the school began, meanwhile classes took place in two prefab buildings which had been placed in the school yard. An entire  third floor was added to the building during this construction, a Medialibrary, five new rooms, a gymnasium, changing rooms, showers and a fronton.

By 2008 the construction was completed, and 2008-2009 was the first year we could make full use of the entire building.

Today it is a school with one group per grade.